Phenomenon (Synth Fiction)

The Drop Off (CJD)

Let Her Be (Vintage System ft. Asia M)

Craze (Huba&Silica)

Phenomenon –

This is the first album of Synth Fiction. It’s an diversified and innovative mixture of modern powerful electronic beats and funk.

The Drop Off EP –

‘The Drop off EP’ from CJD is a real insight into the the different styles of drum and bass that this producer is really feeling at the moment. Always a fan of upbeat and rhythmic drum and bass of many sub-genres, CJD brings you three tracks which display exactly that but with three seperate moods.

The Drop Off is a track that brings the slightly more sinister and moody side of CJD’s production with a combination of horns, haunting pads, low end bassline and a hard-hitting beat to keep things pounding through.

‘In Waves’ is a more uplifting and bouncy track of a more broken up style in terms of beats and bass. With a combination of alternating squelchy and wobbly bass sounds, tranquil pads and deep breakdowns this is once again a track combining many styles into one.

‘Exactly Like We Did’ is the light and soulful track of the three, with a crisp but weightless rolling beat and low end sub notes accompanied by horns, strings, a kalimba and some bendy leads. This track is all about the vibes of the summer, even though it was written in the middle of winter…

Craze –

Produced by Huba&Silica feat. Jahricio & OP8

Recorded @ Estudio Abierto, Costa Rica

Mixed: Nico G @ Eleventy Studios

Mastered: Simon Davey @ The Exchange, UK.

Distribution: Allusion Records

ArtDirection: H&S

Coproduced: Grant & Pablo Murillo

Design: Ernesto Bolaños, Mekha & MNH!

Video: la Gran productora 2010

Photo & edition: Alonso Víquez. Produced: Olalla Vargas

Video Clip:

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